Diversity at BTC

Diversity has been part of our corporate culture since the company was founded. Our corporate culture is based on the knowledge that the character and uniqueness of each employee make a decisive contribution to the development and success of the company. Each and every one of us makes a valuable contribution to customers, internal projects or staff departments, regardless of age, gender, origin or religion. The diversity of our employees has made us what we are today - so for us, diversity means not only a challenge, but above all a perspective. As part of our diversity management, we want to recognize, value and make targeted use of differences and commonalities in a diverse workforce. 

"When all talents can develop freely, regardless of nationality or gender, more innovations are created. An open corporate culture attracts talented professionals, convinces customers and thus brings a competitive advantage."

Gender awareness at BTC

On November, 9th in 2017, the German Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG) ruled that intersex people are entitled to a positive gender designation. At BTC, we have long seen and lived the added value of diversity and welcome the BVerfG decision as a positive step.

In our job advertisements and recruiting addresses, we have set ourselves the goal of gender-conscious or gender-inclusive written language. In line with this philosophy, we want to extend a warm invitation to apply for jobs and get in touch with us regardless of age, ethnic background, physical and mental abilities, gender, gender identity, gender expression and/or gender characteristic, sexual orientation and religion/belief.

We also want to address people in a gender-conscious manner beyond the application process. If this is not the case in individual texts on this website, it is for reasons of readability and not for reasons of discrimination.

BTC lives diversity

Since 2009, we have been an avowed signatory of the Diversity Charter, an initiative to promote diversity in companies. In addition, our "DiversITeam" of trainees was among the top 10 large companies in the Diversity Challenge 2018/2019. 

BTC diversity facts

Our employees have a total of 24 nationalities. They speak 21 different native languages and 20.3% of the BTC workforce has a migration background. 

BTC creates diversity
The award is aimed at companies, institutions and initiatives that consciously use, promote and make diversity visible. In 2011, we were proudly awarded the Diversity Prize.
BTC Group Headquarter Germany

Our corporate culture

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