Working – for a change


Today, enormous advances in information and communication technology are paving the way for completely new applications and business models in the economy and society. It has to be said: Industry, services and competitive landscapes are currently undergoing fundamental change - this also has an impact on working methods.

Agility at BTC

The networking that manifests itself in the Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) demands a rethink in companies and institutions today. Agile procedures and flexibility are the hallmarks of the digital era.

We lead our customers boldly into the Internet of Services.
As a specialist in digital value creation, we are leaders in our markets.
We inspire our customers, employees, partners and shareholders.

Our current corporate vision is intended to give us a sense of purpose at work and describes an attitude of how we want to realise this vision.

We live diversity

As part of our diversity management, we want to recognise, value and make targeted use of differences and similarities in a diverse workforce.
The declared goal is to become a reflection of society and thus to reflect the diversity in the population also in the company.

We all lead

We lead on the basis of trust and encourage our employees to act independently and entrepreneurially. Every employee is required to examine how effective his or her actions are for BTC.

You want to become a member of the BTC Group?

If you are interested in working with us and becoming a part of the BTC Group in any of our locations, look up our free vacancies on the BTC AG Website.

Below you will find vacancies at our subsidiaries.

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